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30 June 2020

During Wayne’s active duty period from 1978-1981, he served as indirect fire infantryman with the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC and then as a corporal and squad leader in the weapons platoon of Charlie Company 1st Battalion, 325th Infantry. 

His role in Defensive Ready Force One took place during the Iran hostage crisis and placed you in numerous other deployments both domestically and internationally.  He trained with the Italian Airborne Infantry as part of the NATO Alliance where he eared his Italian Jump Wings.

Much of Wayne’s military career was spent in preparation for possible war with Russia.  He served as a training instructor for Cadets at West Point, had amphibious training with the Marines, Special Forces and with the 101st Air Airborne Division (Air Assault).

As part of the military preparations and readiness effort he was assigned the task of squad leader for radiation detection team.  It was during that period of service where his exposure to continuous high levels of radiation would ultimately lead to his military related disability rating of 100%.

Wayne was happy to hear that he was selected to become a member of the Big Heart’s family.  He was also excited to learn he would be provided a “bucket list” Mule Deer hunt in Eastern Montana at Milk River Outfitters.  He was successful and now has many stories of his own to pass on.  He was accompanied by his daughter Sarah and grandson Corbin.

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