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24 October 2019
Big Hearts Under the Big Sky

Nathan Shurter was recognized as a gifted team leader, who was working with the best squad leader in the company.  In 2012-2013, his platoon was conducting combat operations in the historic Sperwan Ghar area of Panjwai, Afghanistan, a known hotbed and the heart of the Taliban operations. 

Early in the deployment, while on a patrol, his platoon received contact, his squad leader, SSG Wes Williams, stepped on an IED and was killed.  Nathan and a few others were wounded by shrapnel from that explosion.  He was MEDEVAC’d to Germany where he was treated for wounds to his legs and arm.   

Following treatment for his wounds, he returned to his platoon.  That action on his part had a very positive affect on his commanding officer, his platoon and the company. 

Nathan and his wife, Olivia, joined the Big Hearts family by flying out to Montana and hunting in the 360 area.  He was successful in taking a nice bull elk in frigid cold temperatures.  They toured the Capitol Building and visited the Capital High School Machining and Welding class.

Nathan and Olivia have been to Montana to visit a few times since then as well as attended the 2018 Annual Big Hearts Banquet.  In the fall of 2019, they welcomed their first son. 

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