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Mark Beyers
25 June 2020

Both Mark and Denise Beyers served in the USMC Reserves for 8 years each from 1998-2006. They were both assigned to 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines, 4th Marine Division, which was based in Buffalo, NY, when not activated or deployed.  

Lance Cpl. Mark Beyers was deployed to Iraq in January 2005 during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).  Cpl. Denise Beyers remained in Buffalo and was assigned duties in support of the mission. 

On August 26, 2005, Mark was wounded by an IED while on foot patrol in Hit, Iraq.  Mark is a double amputee and uses a prosthetic device to walk and a wheelchair when he takes his prostheses off. 

Mark, Denise and their two daughters spent their trip at West Creek Guest Ranch in the Paradise Valley.  Mark filled a donated elk tag right away and got to spend the rest of the trip with his family and new friends. 

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