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Helena Trap Club hosts “Big Hearts under The Big Sky” fundraiser
30 September 2019
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Big Hearts Under the Big Sky

(Helena, Mont.) – The Helena Trap Club partnered with Big Hearts Under The Big Sky to raise money for the organization on Sunday.

Big Hearts Under the Big Sky provides free fully-guided outdoor trips to women battling breast cancer, families of children with terminal illnesses, and veterans with disabilities.

According to Hannah Enfield, a volunteer with Big Hearts Under the Big Sky, her parents would bring her on their hunting and fishing trips when she was little. 

“So I’m really fortunate to have been brought up with that,” she said. “It’s a family event, people can bring their husband, wife, kids, and everyone can shoot, even if it’s a 10-year-old kid, they can be involved in this sort of activity.”

Mac Minard, the executive director for Big Hearts Under the Big Sky, said family is the central part of the hub.

“We have created a community-based opportunity to give and that’s one of the most powerful things about the Big Hearts program,” he said.

All proceeds from the shoot went to Big Hearts Under the Big Sky.

After the shoot, participants were welcomed to a barbecue lunch.


Helena Trap Club hosts Helena Trap Club hosts

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