Trey Ward

September 22, 2000 - November 9, 2017

On September 22, 2000 the world became a better place when Hal Matthew Frank Ward III was born to Hal and Janice Ward. The name Hal was short lived and within a few hours his uncles had named him Trey, the new name stuck and he will be forever remembered as Trey; he would actually get quite mad at times if he was called Hal. Trey was the first grandchild born to the Ward or Werner families. He immediately became a big hit with his six uncles: Josh, Shane, Duane, Kenny, Bruce and Jake. Everyone who met Trey was immediately in love with the guy; he soon became the most popular guy in Joliet, and was known to be caught cruising around trying to pick up chicks with his uncles’ and all of their buddies. Trey was soon joined by his brothers Gunnar, Hayden, Graidy and Whalyn. He loved his brothers very much and took to the title big brother very well. One of the first questions he always had was, “how soon before we can start spanking them”.

Trey had two great passions in life, the outdoors and cows. Trey had the great fortune to harvest many animals and catch lots of fish during his short time on earth; he was probably the proudest of his “big pig Bull” that he had the opportunity to harvest in Philipsburg, MT. All of Trey’s spare time was spent traveling backroads with his family and buddy Lucas looking for wildlife and hunting rattlesnakes. This previous summer he and his brothers got 24 snakes. The week before he went to the hospital, he was able to harvest his antelope buck. Trey received his first two heifers from his special friend Jimi Sue, and he named them number 1 and number 2; he insisted that they had orange ear tags and from there his herd began to grow. When Trey was offered a trip of a lifetime or anything he wanted from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, he insisted the only thing he wanted was hay for his cows. Trey spent numerous hours fixing fence, feeding and working cows with Uncle Shane. Thanks Shane, he loved you more than you will ever know, even though he liked to cuss at you.

Trey went to preschool and school in Joliet; along the way he picked up numerous friends and lifelong buddies. He loved all of his classmates and all of the kids in Joliet schools. He was blessed by the numerous teachers and aides he had during his school career and they all held a special place in his big heart. Thanks Boss. Trey had so many great friends, too numerous to mention, but our family wants you all to know how much it means to us how well you treated our boy. Trey was a junior in High School this year, and one of our biggest honors was having him elected Home Coming Prince; it was a title that fit him well.

Trey loved the Chicago Bears, the Cubs, the Bobcats, but most of all the J-Hawks. He truly loved going to all of the football, basketball, and volleyball games that he could, and could always be heard singing the National Anthem and yelling, “Go J-Hawks”.

Bug, you meant so much to so many people, your attitude and smile were contagious, and you brightened everyone’s days by just being you. We will miss you so much as will everyone, you leaving us leaves a huge void in our lives that will never be filled. We take peace in knowing a soul as pure as yours has landed in a much better place, a place where you can run and see and eat anything you like, a place where you can hunt and fish until your heart is content, no more pain and suffering. Watch over us and keep us safe, we will never forget you and we are so proud of you and it was such an honor to have you as our son. You fought such a brave battle. Love Mom and Dad.
Bug Mahon, thank you so much for being the best big brother in the world, you taught us so much and our time spent hunting, fishing and hanging out with you will never be forgotten. Guide and cheer for us from Heaven. Love, the boys.

On November 9, 2017, Trey lost the most courageous battle to Battens Syndrome and pneumonia.

Trey is survived by his Mom and Dad, his four loving brothers, Grandma Mary, Grandma Penny, Grandpa Larry(Candy), Great Grandma Rose Mary, six uncles, three aunts and nine first cousins, numerous other cousins and great aunts and uncles, Junior Class of 2019 and the community of Joliet who we consider our extended family.

A memorial has been established in her name and donations may be made to: “Big Hearts under the Big Sky Program” 5 Microwave Hill Road, Suite I, Montana City, MT 59634.