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SFC Gregory A. Stube

Chief (ret.) Rick Stube, the proud father of SFC Greg Stube passed away recently (Feb 2010). The “Chief”, as Greg refers to him, was a great American who instilled his commitment for service to his country in his son. Chief Stube was himself a Viet Nam veteran. In his last months he expressed his pleasure about Greg’s association with HAVA and MOGA. In a letter from Greg to MOGA about his fathers passing Greg wrote the following:

“Dad has passed away. I thank you sincerely for the honor you have continuously brought my family. My father was exceedingly proud of the things I was doing with you and MOGA. Please say a prayer, and tell all that my dad left this world feeling great about the good we’re doing………..especially that it took away allot of the hurt he felt about the post-Vietnam era in this country. For him to know how MOGA took care of his son meant everything to him.”

This Memorial is established in honor and recognition of Chief (ret.) Rick Stube and is for all those who have served our country as he did.