Shayne and Michaela Boushey

Both Shayne and Michaela Boushey are active duty military and as a couple face the unique challenges presented by being a duel-military family. Deployments and service affect all military families; for duel-military families the impacts and sacrifices can be multiplicative to a degree that others may not fully understand. US armed services provide the finest training in the world at the individual level. However, support and training on how to cope with extended deployments and service at the family level is often absent leaving our US Military families on their own to cope with the demands of their dangerous work and maintain a family.

Affirmation of service and sacrifice is cornerstone to the health and well-being of our military service men and women. History has shown us that warriors who are recognized for their service, particularly in the presence of family, are better able to cope with the stresses of military service. In this respect this family represents, and could not be a better example of, what Big Hearts under the Big Sky mission is β€” giving back to those who have provided extraordinary service to our country.

Shayne and Michaela enjoyed a wonderful trip hosted by Yancey and the Mountain Sky Guest Ranch crew, Montana Hunting Company and guides Mark and Connor Rose. As you can imagine, there was a little competitive spirit being displayed, once Michaela successfully obtained one of the biggest bulls on the ranch the very first day. She enjoyed rubbing it in a little while Shayne continued his quest. When Shayne harvested his bull, Michaela stated, β€œIt’s cute!” As we all know, the trip is not just about the hunt. Shayne and Michaela were treated with wonderful food and service, a beautiful wonderland to behold, and time to be together in our great Montana outdoors. Thanks also to Rich Bradberry, at Wildlife Artistry for his support in the taxidermy portion of the trip and to Pete, our Trip Ambassador!! Cindy Daines attended the Celebration Dinner and presented Shayne and Michaela, on behalf of Senator Daines, with certificates of recognition for their service and honored them as Montanans of the Week.

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