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The Big Hearts under the Big Sky Mission statement represents the explicit and focused execution objective of the Big Hearts program.

“The Mission of Big Hearts under the Big Sky is to provide, through charitable organizations, high quality outdoor adventures with MOGA Member Outfitters, at NO COST to those who have provided extraordinary service to our country and those who face the challenge of a life threatening illness.” 


The Big Hearts under the Big Sky Core values are principles of behavior that identify what Big Hearts stands for, what our priorities are and how we will operate at all times in all of our interactions.


Loyalty to Clients and Partners — ALWAYS!
We will always show loyalty and support for our clients and partners. When the going gets tough, that is when our loyalty is needed the most and that is when the full measure of our loyalty is truly identified; even if it means a negative financial consideration.

“All things being equal, good guys do win — fairness, integrity and loyalty count.”


Integrity above all else!
We understand that integrity is not just an ideal; but that it must be practiced and must permeate in everything we do; in our dealing with clients, partners, and associates and most certainly in how we treat each other. We place integrity above all else.

“All things being equal, good guys do win — fairness, integrity and loyalty count.”


We will bring enthusiasm and passion to the execution of our Mission! Enthusiasm is the life blood of success and it is infectious.  Negativism is like a cancer, it spreads rapidly and kills an organization — it must be “cut out” quickly so that enthusiasm can permeate.  Enthusiasm is infectious and attracts followers, believers and clients and it attracts people who care about producing excellent results.

An enthusiastic, positive approach in service to others is essential to the successful delivery of services.  We resist negativism and seek to create and find positive outcomes for those served and affected by the Big Hearts Program.

“Those that want to do something find a way, those that don’t, find an excuse.”


We will be thoughtful in our deliberations drawing on experience but not limiting ourselves to conventional solutions.  We will plan and execute carefully in the best interests of our Guest Clients, our Partners and Big Hearts.

“Don’t think better — Think different.”  

“Conventional thinking solves conventional problems – “Out of the Box” thinking builds organizations.”                                                                

“Maybe he’s right!”     

“Mistrust certainty — especially your own.”   

“The ‘smartest’ person is the person who has been ‘had’ the most. 

The point here is that experience counts for a great deal. Therefore, listen to the experienced person!


We will be decisive, making crisp and appropriate decisions. Very few decisions in a day are critical. For the non-critical decisions, we will make them quickly and timely since the decision will not be impactful. For those critical decisions, we will take as much time as is necessary to bring a thoughtful decision.

A leader has the ability to quickly identify the critical decisions from the non-critical decisions. We consider ourselves leaders.

“A leader is a recognized force.”

“The worst decision is no decision!”

“Being decisive allows a “bad” decision to be recognized in time for correction.”

“The biggest barrier to progress is inaction !”

“JUST DO IT! Put right foot in front of left foot.”


It is imperative for Big Hearts under the Big Sky to be viewed as a top quality organization in order for BHUBS to attain “best of class” status. Quality is a mind set that must permeate through everyone in our organization and be reflected in everything we do.  We will always make time to “do it right”.

“Quality is not a happening —
            it must be pursued with focus, vigor and uncompromising passion.”

“Quality is a Mission — it must be pursued!”

“There is always time to do it right.”

“Deliver the right solutions — not just requested solutions.”

“Quality begins at home —
                        treat your peers as if they were your Clients.”


Compassion means a deep feeling for and understanding of our clients and understanding of how we can best serve their needs. This will always remain at the forefront of our efforts.  This includes kindness, generosity, caring, friendship, love and sharing toward those who have sacrificed for our Nation and for those who face the challenge of a life threatening illness.

“Compassion is not religious business, it is human business, it is not a luxury it is essential for our own peace of mind and mental stability, it is essential for human survival.”


At the root of American society is the family structure.  We recognize the need for family to share in the experiences offered under the Big Hearts Program for them to have the greatest positive impact possible.  Therefore we are committed to including family members in our offerings so that shared experiences provide positive memories and serve as springboard to a fulfilled life.

“Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!”  ~Albert Einstein

“In time of test, family is best”.  ~Burmese Proverb


Spirituality encompasses powerful virtues of faith, hope and love.  Although we provide service without regardfor creed or religion we recognize the power and importance of these virtues and that they reside in the core purpose of the Big Hearts Program.  Faith, hope and love are sources of strength and courage demonstrated by many of the people we serve.  We are committed to recognizing the importance of a spiritual presence and respectfully celebrating the impact on the mental, spiritual, and physical well-being of our clients.

“Without faith, hope and love, there is no promise for the future, and without a promising future, life has no direction, no meaning and no justification.”


The Big Hearts under the Big Sky Vision is a set of guidelines that define how the Big Hearts Mission will be accomplished.  A vision statement is a photograph in words of the Big Hearts under the Big Sky future; it provides the inspiration and principles of operation that guides decision making.

We are “Best of Class”

We will provide the very best service, at a National level, within our peer business community at all times.  Being “Best of Class” requires we partner with the “best of class” partners and we must focus on success at every level and successfully execute each and every task.

“Best” is a mind set that precipitates successful execution.”

“One failure can offset many, many successes!”

“What you stand for is necessary before you can stand out .”

“It’s not how big you are that is important — it’s how appropriate you are.”

“Failure occurs to those who have not analyzed the criteria for success.”

“A steady state strategy is an out-of-business plan.”

“In a service business, people are your only product–
            to have the best product you must have the best people.”

We will set accurate and realistic expectations.

We will set accurate and realistic expectations, then ALWAYS meet or exceed those expectations!  We recognize that we are measured on meeting the client expectations.  It is critical to set the correct expectations so that we and our clients clearly see that we have met or exceeded those expectations.

 “Don’t meet requirements satisfy expectations!”      

“Meet expectations you have embraced —
            Honor thy commitment!!”

“Tiny cause — huge effect!”                                                                                         

We will be focused on our Mission

We will remain narrowly focused upon executing the BHUBS Mission.  We will not dilute the effort by expanding, changing or reducing the mission unless through a well planned phased development.  To succeed at being “Best of Class”, we will keep clear, sharp focus on each step of our growth plan!

“Success is a function of diligence and focused execution.”

“Think big, execute small and plan for future phases.”

We will grow only through Phased Growth

We will start with a narrow, focused Mission and expand in a phased model approach. We will ensure that we are “Best of Class” at each phase before proceeding to the next phase.

Initial phase:

  • Deliver Life Time Montana Outdoor Adventures – Big Hearts under the Big Sky.

Next Phases:

  • Educational Mission
  • Expand to another State
  • Expand Nationally

We will measure and report success

We will identify and capture metrics to measure success (i.e. Dollars raised) and conduct Client Satisfaction Surveys to capture the success of each major delivery, event or adventure.  If ranking forums are available in the industry, we will use them, if they do not, we will create them.

“Failure occurs to those who have not analyzed the criteria for success.”

“A steady state strategy is an out-of-business plan.”

“You can’t plan growth until you know what stops growth.”

 “Success must be measured before it can be expressed.”

We will “Keep It Simple”

We will keep everything we do as simple as possible. Simplicity in operations is the most efficient, most easily understood, and it is the most financially sound.

“There is Beauty In Simplicity!!”

We will endorse Win, Win solutions

In every relationship, there must be a win, win situation.  If either party does not view an arrangement (or deal) as a success for them, success will not have been met.

We believe the best way to ensure an arrangement will be successful is to “sit in the other person’s chair” and understand his needs and his expectation for success. Then go back to our chair and make the most appropriate deal to ensure a Win, Win outcome.

“The operative word is We ” — I should not exist”

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